What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Got my COVID shot before close and they were so nice and stayed late and fitting me. The staff was super patient and helped with processing insurance info that was on my phone when they could have easily turned me away.

100% will be back if this is the way they treat me as a stranger off the street"

"Ilana Aminov is one of the few people that I truly trust in New York City, as pharmacist and owner of Drug MART, she brings along compassion with her dignified professionalism. There are many pharmacies to choose from here in Manhattan, but the only place to get personalized, respectable service is with Ms. Aminov and her knowledgeable professional team of well trained and educated staff. You can NEVER get this kind of dedicated service at CVS or Walgreens. At Drug Mart, You are a person, not just an insurance claim. The care she has shown me over the last 20 years is astounding, because I take multiple medications, Ilana was clever enough to package my prescriptions in daily does, painstakingly put together in very handy packaging, smartly divided into my two daily does making following my doctor's instructions an easy no brainier. There are days and more often nights I would have skipped my much needed medication if it were not conveniently pre sorted for me, no bottles to try to open and spill in times of physical or mental distress. At Drug Mart I can find unique products that are hard or even impossible to find, and if they don't have what you are looking for, simply ask the helpful staff and it will be ordered and delivered in no time. I live in the West Village but Drug Mart makes sure I have all necessary prescriptions in a timely manner delivered to my door. The thoughtfulness and empathy are rare to find anywhere but especially in a drug store, but You will be received with open arms, eager to help make Your heath journey just alittle bit easier to navigate, all under the watchful eye of Ms. Aminov. You can rest assured You will never be judged by Your questions or concerns, and that Your privacy and pain are respected and protected. No matter where I live, I will only trust Drug Mart to do what's best for me and my ever changing health. As I age, I understand how important the relationship between me and my pharmacist is in my daily life to heal and remain healthy the rest of my days. In these uncertain times, I'm am comforted by knowing without doubt, Drug Mart has my back and will always do everything possible to see that I stay happy, healthy and a satisfied customer."

"This is the kind of neighborhood business that nyc needs. So much better than CVS or Duane Reade."

"Wonderful neighborhood pharmacy! The staff is so helpful and kind. Highly recommended..."